Basecamp and Wounded Warrior Project®

Circa 2015 and Dan Nevins enters our world. Dan is a 15-year Army veteran who has made his professional life post-combat as a public speaker, yoga teacher, retreat leader, and creator of Warrior Spirit Retreat. Its by shear luck that we connected with Dan. We contacted the founder of Wounded Warrior Project® to find a veteran that truly fit the theme of the meeting. Without hesitation, he suggested Dan Nevins who in turn was the guest speaker for our national sales meeting themed, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” He captivated us from the start, his speech was extremely memorable, motivating, captivating, and emotional. Dan believes in connecting, especially when it comes to those who need it most, and that’s what led him to Basecamp. He has fascinated audiences through-out the industry speaking at several high-profile events and National meetings annually.

The vision for the Basecamp brand had a conundrum. It was missing a connection to the consumer. We knew in our hearts that Dan was it, he embodied Basecamp. As Basecamp’s brand ambassador, Dan was able to offer other veterans the same support he experienced more than a decade ago. He has increased Basecamp’s brand recognition, and while still giving back to his Warrior Spirit Retreat. Basecamp is proud to support Dan, he is an integral part of Basecamp’s DNA now.

Before Basecamp, Dan’s first experience with a promotional product was with a backpack in 2004 after an IED explosion in Iraq resulted in the amputation of both of his legs. While at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, he was visited by a representative from Wounded Warrior Project®. In that first meeting, WWP gave him a backpack, and to this day, Dan says the impact of that backpack changed his whole life, and it was the most significant gift he had ever received or ever will receive, and part of that impact is behind this year’s Basecamp’s partnership with WWP. Founded in 2003 by John Melia, WWP began in 2003 as a grassroots effort to provide basic comfort items to those warriors first returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan with the visible and invisible wounds of war.

As Basecamp continues to grow rapidly, thanks in part to Dan’s ambassadorship, it made sense to shift this support to WWP, where an even larger community of veterans can be reached. 1% of the purchase price of all items on this website will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, in addition to Basecamp directly providing the organization with $125,000 cash, additional funds are provided for product — including supplies for their highly regarded Backpacks program, which is still a core element of WWP’s outreach today.

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