About us

When the Basecamp brand was born, it was out of our love for getting outside and enjoying the world around us. Throughout the years we realized, you don’t only need the right equipment for going outside; you need the right equipment everywhere you explore. We continue to examine our surroundings and expand our horizons to develop products that can accompany you on a hiking trip and on your way to work. No matter the level of adventure you seek or route you take to the office, we want to make sure you are comfortable and well equipped on your journey.

The team behind Basecamp focuses on specifications and agonizes over material types so you don’t have to. We’ve taken care of all the technical details for you. All you have to worry about is hitting the road, trail, or water and your Basecamp gear will take care of the rest.

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Tech Organizer
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Tahoe Mountain Dry Waist Pack
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